Middleware is a function that will be executed in a specific moment, for a specific scope, for a specific mode.

We have 2 moments of execution :

  • Before (will be executed before the dispatch)
  • After (will be executed after the dispatch

We have 2 scopes of execution :

  • Local (will be executed only for the store that dispatch)
  • Global (will be executed for each dispatch - whathever the store is dispatching)

We have 2 modes of execution :

  • Parallel (will be executed in parallel mode - think Promise.all)
  • Sequential (will be executed in first-in-first-out (FIFO) mode - think for in)

So we ends-up with this liste of middlewares (executed in this order) :

  • BeforeGlobalParallel
  • BeforeLocalParallel
  • BeforeGlobalSequential
  • BeforeLocalSequential


  • AfterGlobalParallel

  • AfterLocalParallel
  • AfterGlobalSequential
  • AfterLocalSequential

Middlewares list are instances of Map


import RxStore from '@zazapeta/rx-react-store';

const initialState = {
  title: 'Super App',
  version: 1,

const ns = 'App';

let appStore = new RxStore({ ns, initialState });
appStore.BeforeGlobalParallel.set('Perf', (state, reducer) =>

appStore.AfterGlobalParallel.set('Perf', (state, reducer) =>

appStore.AfterGlobalParallel.set('InfoLogger', (state, reducer) =>
  console.info(`[${reducer.name}] STATE:`, state),

export default appStore;

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